Dog licenses are available from the Town Clerk via the mail or in person at Town Hall Saturdays l0am to noon.


  • All dogs old enough to be vaccinated for rabies should get a 2020 Town license by March 31st
  • A current rabies certificate is required
  • Fee: $5 for spayed or neutered; $10 for in tact male or female

BY MAIL – Please send rabies certificate, fee & self addressed stamped envelope to:
Town Clerk
PO Box 247
Worthington MA 01098

I’ll return the rabies certificate to you with the new tags

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  1. Can we get a Comcast current update? 12/8/2018 is a little old.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the inquiry.

      There is a more recent update from Sept. 26, 2019 at I’m afraid not much has changed since that update. Things appear to be on schedule, with Verizon currently setting new poles around town. That should be done this month and then Eversource should come in and start moving their wires. That’s due to be done in May, and then Verizon comes back and moves their wires to the new poles and down on existing poles as necessary to make room for Comcast.

      I did just hear from Comcast yesterday in fact, and they expect it to be another 5-6 months to complete their work once Verizon and Eversource are done. I’ve asked them for updates on the Verizon and Eversource work and they are going to get back to me with an update. I’ll probably get another update posted with whatever they’re able to tell me… Hopefully in the next few days.

      The bottom line is that assunming everyone meets their schedules we may start seeing service in some parts of town next Fall with completion of their buildout around this time next year.

      Charley Rose
      Selectboard and Cable Liason

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