Worthington Walking Trails

The Worthington Walking Trails Map offers 17 possible walking paths of varying length and difficulty to be found within the town boundaries of Worthington, Massachusetts.  All paths are currently on Worthington town roads so are accessible all year round.

Hiking at the Conwell Property

Pond in the center of the property is still with trees and the sky reflecting. The foliage is colorful with some reds, yellows, oranges, and greens seen in the trees around the pond. At the edge of the pond you can see small grasses alluding to a different wetland habitat.
Pond in the center of the property with fall foliage

The Conwell Property is comprised of 70 acres of forestland in Worthington along Route 112, and includes a small pond, the top of Eagle Nest Ridge, and 0.5 miles of frontage along the Little River. There are about 3 miles of out-and-back trails for hiking.

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