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Hello Community:

Hope this message finds you well.  My family spent this past week and the weekend recovering from flu like symptoms.  The head and body aches are tough to shake, and I’m hoping my homemade chicken soup with dumplings will kick this awful virus once and for all. 

Last Thursday I joined my colleagues from across the Commonwealth at the Mid-Winter Superintendent Conference.  Keynote speaker Jeff Lawrence spoke on the topic of leadership~ specifically about thinking systematically and acting relationally.  He shared his deep expertise in Adaptive Leadership and walked us through a Leadership Agility Survey in order for us to gain insight on areas we can be more aware of in order to make effective progress in our schools.  He is a dynamic presenter, and I look forward to continuing the work he led us through.

Afterwards, Education Commissioner Jeff Riley gave the Superintendents an update on the Student Opportunity Act.  The link below is a brief explaining more about the SOA.  Until the Governor passes the budget, I do not have an exact amount of money Worthington is expected to receive from the SOA, but the draft projections showed Worthington would receive approximately $3,000.  As you read the brief, the money should support subgroups that are at-risk.  As part of the mandate, Superintendents are tasked with surveying the community and asking HOW you would like to see the district spend the money.  I invite you to email me your thoughts on how you would like me to spend roughly $3,000.  Some initial ideas include offering social/emotional training or professional development for tiered instruction within the classrooms.  

My next steps include hearing from community members about how to spend the money, creating a plan and asking School Committee to vote on the plan, and finally all superintendents are mandated to write a report which is due to DESE on April 1, 2020.  This report will explain how we plan to spend the money.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!  Please email me at gmorsedobosz@hr-k12.org.

Facts About the Student Opportunity Act

A few friendly reminders, opportunities, needs and updates:

  • We are thrilled to welcome Devon Wolf.  He takes over as the custodian and building maintenance manager!  Devon has worked in the town for the Worthington Highway department for almost two decades and now joins the Conwell team!  Please help me in giving Devon a warm welcome to the community.
  • Cold and Flu are at its highest.  We will happily accept wipe donations for the classroom!

Dates to be mindful of:

  • February 14, 2020: Valentine’s Day Dance @6:00

Have a wonderful day!


Gretchen Morse-Dobosz

Principal / Superintendent

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