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  1. Can someone please address the outside of our school. It’s covered in mold, which I’m sure is unhealthy… and the paint is peeling off. It looks horrible. We have such a great school, staff and group of kids it would be nice if the school looked as great as they all are.

    1. Hi Jaime,

      Thanks for the comment. Actually the Select Board and School Committee are both very concerned about it and have been working for over a year on a proposal for repair work on the school. We had hoped to go to bid and bring a funding proposal to Annual Town Meeting last May. With the onset of the pandemic and delay of Town Meeting plans were put on hold. We are now expecting again to go out to bid and have a funding item on the Annual Town Meeting warrant next Spring.

      Charley Rose
      The Worthington Select Board

  2. Norm Stafford says:

    I’m so happy we had so many responses. The whole polling concept and capability are really going to help with some of the proposals going forward. Just think of the other projects; imagine a community garden; think about more recreation centered Town Park options…just make your voice heard and IMAGINE

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