Worthington Police Changes

A big THANKS to our outgoing Police Chief, Kevin Moran, who has decided to leave the position after serving Worthington for 6 years as Chief!

According to Selectboard Chair, Charley Rose, “I always appreciated Kevin’s easy manner and approachability. He took the job seriously and clearly cared about the Town of Worthington.”

Outgoing Police Chief Kevin Moran (left) and newly installed Interinm Chief, Robert Reinke.

Welcome and thanks to Robert ‘Bob’ Reinke who has accepted the postion of interim chief. Bob was already a member of the department and has served previously in the Police and Fire Departments.

You may already have also noticed the arrival of Worthington’s new (replacement) cruiser, the purchase of which was approved as last Spring’s Annual Town Meetinbg.

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  1. Would love to have an update on Comcast progress. It feels like forever waiting to get up to date internet….

    1. Hi Mari,
      I understand your frustration. It has been and is a long process I’m afraid. Here’s a link to my most recent update from September: http://worthington-ma.us/2019/09/comcast-update-3/.

      I’m afraid nothing much has changed since then. You may have noticed the poles piled up at the old Albert property across from the airstrip. Thast’s a good indication that Verizon is working on pole replacement. They are scheduled to be done with that by the end of February. Then Eversource needs to come in an move wires and then Verizon comes back in May to move their wires. Finally after all that Comcast can come in an start building their network, hopefully beginning next summer.

      I’m waiting to see if Verizon keeps to their schedule for replacing poles and will try to update everyone on progress in early March.

      Charley Rose

  2. Philip ODonnell says:

    10 million grant for internet access for hill towns and Worthington not on the list ?

    1. Hi Philip,

      What grant are you referring to?

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