R. H. Conwell Community News 9/15/2023

Worthington School District
147 Huntington Road
Worthington, MA 01098

Dear Community: 

Happy Friday!  It sure feels like fall!  This morning it was chilly!  This is a good reminder to send your child(ren) with layers, as the mornings can be cool and the afternoons warm!

Coffee with the Principal:  Our first Annual Coffee will be in person on September 20 at 8:30AM beginning in the library and then parents will visit classrooms beginning at 8:55 a.m. to observe classroom Morning Meetings.  If you have a topic you would like me to add to the agenda, please email me at gmorseodbosz@hr-k12.org.

Yoga Update: This week the students learned about Deep Belly Breathing and its benefits at calming their minds and bodies. The students are aware that this is a safe practice to use in times of stress both in school and at home, so please feel free to share it with them!  They also learned about Easy Pose and its versatility.  Lastly, after their warm-up they competed in a “high lunge turtle race” where they were encouraged to focus on their posture in High Lunge Pose.  Our overall theme of the week was body awareness and how being in control of our bodies can help our minds to focus and stay calm, even when we’re feeling anxious.

Counseling Update from Ms. Lexi: As we’ve started to settle into the school year, I’ve been focusing on 1:1 meetings with 10+ students, starting two monthly lunch groups, and building awareness of her role in the school.  All students have access for any social/emotional struggles they may be facing, whether it be a one-off or weekly meeting. If you would like your child to work with me 1:1, or in a group setting,  please email her at ajohnson@hr-k12.org.

Walking Field Trip Permission Form:  A hard copy is coming home today in your child’s folder, you can also find a copy  here

PTO: PUT your orders in for R.H Conwell Tee Shirts and your Hillside Pizza Order!  All forms were sent home in your child(s) folder.  Tee shirt orders are due 9/30 (that’s an online order), and pizza orders are due October 6th.  

PTO meetings will typically be on the third Thursday of each month with the next one scheduled on September 21 at 6:00PM.  This will be a hybrid meeting.

Open House:  Will be on October 19 with a PTO sponsored dinner event beginning at 5:00PM.  More information will be forthcoming.  

VolunteersWe are looking for community members to substitute and/or volunteer at R.H. Conwell.  And, currently we are looking for someone to consistently volunteer every FRIDAY FOR LUNCH DUTY.   Please call Lisa at 413-238-5856.

Chocolate Bars:  We still have many boxes of chocolate and we would love to get them sold.  Please stop by the office or send in money with your child if interested in buying some. 

Reminders from Nurse’s Office:If you have not yet returned your student’s Medical and Emergency Information Form, updated physical exam, or immunization record, please do so as soon as possible. We rely on this information to keep your student safe at school. 
Nurse Meg and Nurse Stephanie visited Kindergarten through 2nd grade this week to talk about life threatening food allergies and what we can all do to keep our friends with food allergies safe at school. We read books titled, “Someone in Our Class Has Food Allergies” and “A Lesson for Every Child: Learning About Food Allergies”.  We plan to visit grades 3-6 next week, and will be presenting some basic information about what a food allergy is, as well as how to help our friends with food allergies stay safe. 

News from the Cafeteria: Breakfast and Lunch:

Hi! It was nice to see some of you for breakfast Wednesday morning!  Just a reminder parent breakfast is $4.00,  please send that in advance or bring it with you at the time of service.  Yesterday for lunch students had potatoes planted last year by the 5th graders,  and harvested this year by 3rd & 4th.  Ms. Ashley and Ms. Jaimie made some delicious home fries out of the potatoes for lunch! 

Another reminder that if you are purchasing milk without a school lunch it will be $.50 please send that in with your child(ren)

  • We invite families to join us for breakfast and lunch each month.  Please watch the community news and lunch menu for these days/times. Any questions or concerns please email me atompkins@hr-k12.org. Thanks! Ms. Ashley

The cafeteria now has a peanut free table at lunch time due to the presence of a student in the school with a severe peanut allergy.

Upcoming Events:

September 20:  Parent Coffee:  Come join Principal Dobosz for coffee beginning at 8:30 a.m. and then we will visit classrooms at 8:50 until 9:25 for morning meeting

September 21:  PTO Meeting at 6:00PM

September 22:  Family Lunch beginning at 12:30 p.m.

September 27:  Noon Dismissal for Professional Development

Have a wonderful weekend!

Gretchen Morse-Dobosz

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