Domestic Animal Count

My name is Karen Rida of Worthington.  I have been named the new Animal Inspector for the Town of Worthington. 

It is my responsibility to have an accurate count of domestic animal population of our town.  I am asking for your help with this process. 

Domestic Animals include: cattle, horses, goats, sheep, ducks, rabbits, chickens, pigs, llamas, alpacas, geese, and donkeys. (Dogs are not included as they are counted through Dog Licensing by the Toiwn Clerk)

Please email to the amount of Domestic animals that you currently have.  I can also be reached by cell at 413-775-3995. 

Thank you for your help with this process as I am working thru the new job.  I will be reaching out to residents that I do know have animals, but for those of you that I don’t know, please follow this protocol.  Thanks again.

Karen M. Rida

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