Remembering Steve Kulik

Last June, Steve Kulik came to speak at R.H. Conwell’s graduation of the first class to have come all the way through the public school that Steve helped save.

Despite his weakened state, Steve showed up as he has always shown up for the people in Worthington — with his warm smile and visible pride in his community. He told the story of how the Worthington School District came to be. While he has told some of us that the vote to approve Worthington’s leaving the regional district to form our own district was one of the most meaningful pieces of legislation he had passed in his career as a representative, his story was not about his own role supporting and encouraging the process. That wasn’t his style. He told the story of people, a whole town, mobilizing the democratic process for a cause we believed in. And it was clear that these are the moments he lived for.

We were lucky to have such a competent and well- respected legislator as part of our community. Steve was a strong advocate for public education, a very decent man, and an
instrumental force behind Conwell’s reopening and ongoing support once it was done. He set an incredible example of effective leadership by encouraging us to use the democratic process in a constructive and positive manner to realize the shared vision we had for a local school.

Steve’s positivity, geniality, compassion and commitment were clear at the graduation ceremoy and have been appreciated in every tribute to him in the newspaper, and every condolence hug between friends in town.

Worthington School Committee sends our deep gratitude for Steve’s many years of service and our condolences to his beloved family and friends. He will be deeply missed.

With respect,
Past and present members of the Worthington School Committee
and Superintendent Morse-Dobosz

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  1. Gloria Conwell says:

    Sweet article. Steve touched so many lives. When he was first elected, he married my husband and I (me?). Good job, well done. When he portrayed my great Grandfathef, Russell, during our recent Worthington birthday celebration, he was perfect for the role (even looked the part, amazingly enough). I am so sad that we have lost such a humane and kind person from our community.

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