R. H. Conwell Letter to Parents -August 6, 2021

Dear Worthington School Community:

In just three short weeks, our school will experience the energy and excitement of a new school year.  Classroom teachers are beginning to set up their classrooms, and shortly you will receive their back-to-school letters with information about the 2021-2022 school year.  

In addition to those letters, I wanted to share the most recent COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy approved last evening by the Worthington School Committee.  Please follow the link for COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy Approved 8/5/21.docx.

After a year and a half, the COVID-19 rules and restrictions feel burdensome and never-ending.  Many of us, including myself, were hoping that masks were a thing of the past.  We will get there eventually, but it is going to take more time. As always, health and safety remain our top priorities in Worthington and educating our students in person without interruption continues to be our goal. 

As we begin to plan for the fall, the classroom teachers and I will meet to review these health and safety protocols.  We will be discussing, and teachers will communicate, what teaching and learning will look like this year for each grade level.  Our teachers have become experts in executing pandemic teaching, and know how to balance indoor and outdoor learning that is developmentally appropriate for each grade level.  

The pandemic will continue to challenge us, but there is so much to look forward to in the upcoming school year! Worthington is an incredible community, and I feel blessed to work with our students and faculty in the district. I look forward to welcoming you all back soon, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!  


Gretchen Morse-Dobosz
Worthington School District

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