Annual Town Meeting Budget Correction

And now for some good news!

If you attended Annual Town Meeting you may recall that there was a question raised as to why there was such a large increase this year in the Hampshire County Retirement System contribution.  

The Line Item in the FY 2020 Budget was $200,228.  For FY 2021 it was $295, 613.  Obviously that was a substantial increase and the Selectboard and Finance Committee were at a loss to explain it.

We got in touch with the Hampshire County Retirement System and they did in fact make an error. The correct figure is $226,252!  

We did vote to approve the budget with the higher number.  That means we’ll need to vote to take the excess out of the budget at a Special Town Meeting before the Tax Rate is set for the town, which is typically around November.  We do typically have a Special Town Meeting in the Fall anyway, so please watch for that.

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