Comcast Update 2/26/2021

I checked in with the Comcast Construction Supervisor and here’s an update based on what he told me. 

The town network is being built in 3 sections, called Vhubs.  Vhub 3 was the South end of town which is now pretty much done and those that wanted service should have received it.

Vhub 2 is the middle of town and all those addresses have also been approved for those that want service to setup appointments for installation.

The remaining area is Vhub 1, which is everyone on the West end of town, pretty much everyone West of Cold Street.  They have started releasing some of those addresses for installation and they hope to release the entire and final addresses in Worthington next week and the following 1st week of March for installation appointments.

Of course the weather is to blame for some of the delay.  Also the chief exception is for people with underground installations which are held up by the frozen ground.

I hope that’s helpful.  If you’re having particular difficulties I can help with, feel free to contact me.

Charley Rose, Select Board

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