Aid to Worthington Residents Available

As we approach the height of heating season, the Whiting Street Fund Committee would like to remind Worthington residents about the Whiting Street Fund. 

The fund exists for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance to Worthington residents who are experiencing short-term financial needs. The fund helps individuals and families with expenses that directly affect their well-being.  For example, assistance has been provided with medical expenses, car repair and, especially this time of year, fuel bills.  Any Worthington resident can apply for financial assistance by contacting a member of the Whiting Street Fund board. 

The Board confidentially reviews all applications and if approved, arranges for the bill to be paid.  For more information or to apply for assistance, either email the Board at or call any member. 

The members are:
Bruce Barshefsky (413.563.8888)
Diane Meehan (413.238.0001)
Cath Whitcomb (413.238.5968).

Mr. Whiting Street, a thrifty 19th century shipping agent, willed trust funds to 22 western Massachusetts communities to be used for the relief and comfort of residents in need. Mr. Street’s Last Will and Testament granted Worthington $3,000. For over 135 years prudent distribution of the interest from this bequest and from other donations to the fund has benefited many individuals and families in our town who were temporarily in need of some financial assistance.

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