October 7, 2020

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; the rising incidence of cases in both Worthington, the state and the nation in general; and the recognition of aerosol transmission of the virus, the Worthington Board of Health has determined that there will be no indoor events at the Town Hall to celebrate Halloween. 

The Recreation Committee is considering having a short parade during the day on Saturday, October 31, details to come. 

We are also suggesting that any door-to-door trick or treating be limited and that families find alternative and creative ways of celebrating Halloween in small groups. Loose candy in bowls is not allowed; we suggest making up individual bags for each trick or treater.

In all cases masks should be worn by both trick or treaters, any accompanying adults, and the people welcoming them; hand sanitizer should be used between visits; face to face close contact should be brief.

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