News for the Community from Superintendent/Principal Dobosz – 9/27/2020

Dear Community:

I cannot believe we are already entering the month of October! Throughout western Massachusetts, the fall colors are certainly in bloom! My drive into Worthington is ever changing! During the beginning of each new season, I am always so excited to cook with the seasonal vegetables. This year my eggplant ended up being the best ever, and this morning I made homemade sauce and assembled several eggplant parmesan dishes for future dinners! Yum!

As I look ahead to our fourth week,, I notice some wet weather in the forecast. The temperatures seem relatively mild, but please make sure to send your child with raincoats and boots!

In year’s past, I have hosted a morning coffee or afternoon tea for parents to join me to discuss the school year. In keeping with tradition, I would like to offer a K-2 and 3-6 coffee event during the month of October. Caregivers who have children in grades K-2 are invited to join me for coffee on October 9th and caregivers in grades 3-6 on October 16th. Both will take place after morning drop-off and will begin at 8:45. In an effort to plan for this socially distanced outdoor event, please RSVP to me using my email I look forward to seeing you!

Below are a few updates/reminders from Shannon Madden, the enrichment teacher and our school nurse.

There are still openings in the after-school enrichment program. The program is free to our students. The theme for the program is Outdoor Games and Exploration. The activities include archery for grades 3-6, jumbo sized board games, fun challenges and obstacle courses. We will also explore the woods and create nature art projects. At this time, we are only offering the program to each classroom cohort one day a week. The schedule is:
❑ Mondays: Kindergarten and Preschool
❑ Tuesdays: Grades 1 & 2
❑ Wednesdays: Grades 3 & 4
❑ Thursdays: Grades 5 & 6
❑ Fridays: Remote learning students

Message from Nurse Samantha

With colder temperatures approaching, we wanted to send you all some helpful tips to keep your kids safe and warm while outside. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children are layered in multiple layers for the most effective warming. General rule of thumb is to dress babies and children in one more layer than you would need to keep yourself warm.

Layering of clothing is the best way to keep kids warm, and allows them to easily remove a layer if too warm. Layering clothing also provides the opportunity for heat to be trapped between the layers, leading to increased warmth. Some layering tips:

  1. First layer (directly against skin) should be a moisture wicking layer. Try to avoid cotton and instead use a synthetic fiber such as polyester. This will avoid your child from overheating and sweating. Once they sweat, the cotton layer will absorb the sweat, causing them to be wet and could lead to them being colder rather than warmer. This layer should fit snugly.
  • Middle layers should be materials such as wool, fleece, or down. This will provide an extra layer of protection from the cold. This layer should fit comfortably without restraining movement.
  • Outer layer should be a waterproof jacket or shell to protect your child from rain, snow, and wind. This layer should fit comfortably, allowing room for layers beneath and to not restrain movement.

In addition to layering, waterproof gloves, hats, and scarves add an extra layer of protection to the more sensitive areas that are more prone to cold weather (head, face, ears, feet and hands). Good fitting, waterproof boots will keep the feet warm, as well as thick socks. Feet need room to wiggle to ensure proper circulation, so be sure to have properly fitting boots, especially ones that fit those thicker socks. If the boots are too constricting, blood flow is limited, which will make the limbs feel colder.

As always, it is a great idea to ensure your child has an extra set of clothing in their backpacks just in case. An extra pair of gloves and socks would be an excellent addition in case their gloves or socks get wet. And of course, we will be monitoring weather at all times, and will bring children indoors if the weather is not safe for them to continue to be outdoors. Thank you for doing your part to keep our community safe as we enter into the colder months here in New England.

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Gretchen Morse-Dobosz

Worthington School District
147 Huntington Road
Worthington, MA 01098

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