MASK ADVISORY (4/27/20 Update)

In response to the rising incidence of COVID-19 cases in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Town of Worthington Board of Health issued the following emergency order on April 26, 2020:

All consumers and employees must wear face coverings at all times when social distancing cannot be maintained at any businesses or locations providing essential services within the Town of Worthington.

It is especially important to wear masks in small spaces such as the Post Office, where social distances of 6 feet are difficult to achieve and maintain.

We would also like to ask you to continue to be mindful when you come to the Transfer Station. We will be marking out 6 foot square spaces in front of the each compactor and in front of the stairs up to the recycling container. Please, only one person in each area at a time.

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  1. Sally Fisher says:

    This video is from Dr. Kaufman, MD who is taking a big risk in telling the medical truth about this COVID virus. It is not a conspiracy theory… it is a DR. using historical evidence to look at the big picture.

    You have to spend the hour and a half to watch this about the so called virus and why the masks .. even the ones in hospitals, are totally ineffective as the virus size is way way smaller than the mask so it can go through just about anything…. ALL SCIENCE… about how the virus testing may just be identifying the exosome that looks like the virus but actually is our defense mechanism giving us false positives.

    Also offers scientific evidence from history that it doesn’t spread the way we are being told it spreads… Also talks about what is trashing the immune system and how 5G clusters may have lowered our immune defenses making it more difficult to stay healthy. They also give a legal document that has proven to work if you want to opt out of vaccinations. He say although the FDA requires double blind studies for drugs and vitamins, there have been no studies on the efficacy of vaccinations and actually there is a law that exonerates any manufacturer from harm done if you get one. Extremely interesting… grab dinner and watch this while you eat.

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