Updated Transfer Station Protocols

Please note that the book donation box will be locked and will not be accepting donations till further notice. The Annual book sale has been postponed, and they hope to reschedule it in October. Please hang onto your book donations.

The Worthington Transfer station is open for its regular hours on Wednesday and Saturday. We are asking that residents please come in and out as efficiently as possible and not linger to engage in conversation with neighbors or the attendant. We know that can be difficult sometimes, but please try. ?

In order to help maintain the recommended distancing, we are no longer punching cards for bags of trash. We’re asking that you either punch your own cards when you get home or simply mark them off with a Sharpie or other marker.

The bottle and can redemption shed is closed. Please either hang onto your returnables or put them in the glass & can recycling container.

Susan, our transfer station attendant, is wearing gloves and doing her best to limit contact and maintain the recommended distance from others. She is also regularly disinfecting the surfaces of equipment and the railing for the steps going up to the recycle containers.

Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus at the Transfer Station

  • Dump your trash, and sort your recycling quickly. 
  • Buy more punch cards at one time & make fewer trips. Susan has punch cards to sell. Town Hall is not currently open for in-person sales, though sales by mail are available.
  • Keep a safe distance (6 feet) from other users and attendant.
  • Please do not enter the Transfer Station Shed
  • Don’t linger on the premises to visit. 
  • Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer before and after leaving transfer station.

Thank you for keeping our community healthy

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