Worthington Historical Commission Vacancies

The Worthington Historical Commission was created by Town Meeting in 1973. It consists of five members who serve staggered three year terms. No new appointments have been made in several years, and there are no current members of the Commission.

We’ve had some interest in reviving this commission with new appointees. These are voluntary unpaid appointments and we welcome interest from any resident of Worthington.

Local historical commissions in Massachusetts began in the 1960s following the passage of Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 40, Section 8d. This law allows any city or town that accepts the provisions of the act to establish a local historical commission. Almost every city and town in Massachusetts has since done so.

Generally, a local historical commission is responsible for preservation planning in the community.
MGL Chapter 40 Section 8d identifies five responsibilities for local historical commissions.

  1. Research places of historic or archaeological value;
  2. Cooperate with the State Archaeologist in conducting surveys and reporting sites;
  3. Coordinate with other preservation organizations;
  4. Keep accurate records of the LHC’s actions and file an annual report;
  5. Maintain a membership of not less than three nor more than seven members, duly appointed by the appropriate municipal official.
    Beyond these five responsibilities, local historical commissions are free to undertake many other activities for the purpose of preserving and protecting the historic and archaeological assets of the community.

Interested residents are encouraged to contact the Selectboard about serving on the Commission at selectboard@worthington-ma.us or speak with Peggy O’Neal at 238-5577 ext. 100. You can also contact Charley Rose at crose@worthington-ma.us or 238-5811.

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