Transfer Station Rate Changes

The Worthington Selectboard has voted to make adjustments and changes to the Transfer Station fee schedule which will go into effect on July 1, 2019. As you may know, the transfer station rates have not changed in several years. Meanwhile, disposal costs have continued to rise. In the next year we expect a dramatic increase in disposal costs for most recyclables.

With that in mind we looked at what our neighboring towns and other members of the Hilltown Regional Management Cooperative were charging and made adjustments. The biggest changes are:

  • The permit fee is being raised to $45, though it will remain at $35 for Seniors.
  • We are changing to a single card system with $1 punches. The $2 card will be eliminated, but we will of course continue to honor any cards you stil have.

There are more details below and the complete Fee Schedule and a Transfer Station Handout is on the Disposal/Transfer Station page. FY 2020 Disposal Sticker Applications are also available.


  • One permit – $45
  • Seniors (65 years or older) – $35
  • Optional additional permit – $2
  • Late fee (after August 15, 2019) $10

Trash Cards (single card – $1/punch)

  • $1.00 – Kitchen treash bags (15-21 gallon white bag)
  • $2.00 – 22-35 gallon bag
  • $4.00 – 36-44 gallon bag
  • $5.00 – 45 gallon and over
  • Dumping of barrels or other containers will no longer be allowed. ALL TRASH GOING INTO THE TRASH COMPACTOR MUST BE IN BAGS.

Full Fee Schedule

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