1. Transfer Station Recycling Sticker
Primary Sticker = $60.00 ($50 – Seniors 65 or older)
Additional Sticker = $4.00

Applications for Stickers can be downloaded here. Completed applications can be mailed to Town Hall or left in the Town Hall dropbox.

2. There is a single $20 card at $1/punch.  The punch cards are available by mail from the Town or they may be purchased at Corners Grocery.  Residents may not give cash to the Attendant for the disposal of household trash!

  • $1.00 – Kitchen trash bags (15-21 gallon white bag)
  • $2.00 – 22-35 gallon bag
  • $4.00 – 36-44 gallon bag
  • $5.00 – 45 gallon and over
  • Dumping of barrels or other containers will no longer be allowed. ALL TRASH GOING INTO THE TRASH COMPACTOR MUST BE IN BAGS.

3. Larger Loads – The fees for car or pickup truck loads are as follows:
Car/Station Wagon/non-comercial type Van = $25.00
Full-Size Pickup Truck = $ 70.00
Full-Size Pickup less than half-full = $35
Compact Pickup Truck = $ 50.00
Compact Pickup less than half-full = $25
Full-size Commercial Truck = NOT ALLOWED
Please put material in open top box on site.
* No large dump truck loads, allowed. For larger loads call the HRMC at (413) 685 -5498 or a local hauler.

4. Large Item Disposal Fees (each)
Mattresses & Box Springs are now banned.
Note: If residents would like to recycle their mattress, the Williamsburg transfer station has a mattress recycling program. Bring your DRY, FAIRLY CLEAN mattress directly to the Williamsburg Transfer Station (open Wed. and Sat. 9 AM – 4 PM). Cost is $35.00/mattress (any size) made payable by check to the Town of Williamsburg. Help keep mattresses out of landfills.
Couches (2 or more seats) = $20.00
Small Couch/loveseat = $15
Sleeper Sofa = $30.00
Stuffed Chairs = $10.00
Recliner Chair = $15.00
Misc. Toilet, sinks tubs, etc. = $20.00
Rugs and Carpet rolls = $5 – $10
Grills = $10
The price for unlisted items is determined by the attendant.

5. Large Metal Item Recycling Fees (each) (No large appliances Nov 1 – April 1 – check with attendant)
Refrigerators (door off)/Freezers (door off)/Air Conditioners = $35.00
AC/dehumidifiers = $25.00
Washing Machines = $15.00
Dishwasher = $15.00
Dryers, Stoves, etc. = $15.00
Water Tanks = $15.00
Lawn Mowers (no gas or oil) = $10.00
Snow Blowers (no gas or oil) = $15.00
Wood Stoves (cleaned out) = $10.00
Microwaves = $5.00
Toasters and vacuum cleaners = $5.00
Bikes – $5.00
Gas Grills – $10.00
The price for unlisted items is determined by the attendant.

6. Tire Disposal Fees (4 tire maximum) (No tires Nov 1 – April 1 – check with attendant)
Passenger = $4.00
Passenger with rim = $5.00
Truck Tire (over 18 inches) = $13.00
Truck Tire with rim  = $15.00
Bicycle/Motorcycle Tire and other small tire = $2.00
Larger tires (tractor etc.) are very expensive and must be priced by the HRMC: (413) 685-5498.

Household Recycling (No charge)
There is no charge for the recycling of bottles, cans, plastic containers, cardboard and paper items.

8. Paint Recycling (No charge)
The Town of Worthington through the HRMC has paint recycling available. We accept oil based paint cans with no wet paint in them.  Latex paint can be disposed of by taking off the lid, letting the contents dry out completely and then tossing in the compactor. Latex paint cans that are completely empty and brushed clean can be placed in the metals container.

9. Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
The Hilltown Resource Management Cooperative runs a regional HHW collection every fall (On or about October 30). Residents are allowed to drop off one box of HHW (Oven cleaners, drain cleaners, photo chemicals, nail polish remover, pesticides, herbicides, automotive chemicals, paint thinners etc.) at a central site, at no charge on the collection day. HRMC also offers residents the opportunity to participate in at least six other HHW collection events in the region. Registration is required:
413 685-5498

10. Electronics Recycling (Computers & Televisions)
Under this program televisions, computer monitors,
computer CPU¹s, other computer components are collected;
Computer Screen & Printers and CPU’s = $5.00
Small TVs (22″ or smaller) = $5.00
Large TVs (23″-42″) = $20
Console or Larger Screen Television Set = $25.00
LED/LCD/Plasma screens = $15.00

11. Propane tanks – 20 lb = $5
Fire Extinguishers & 1 lb Propane Tanks (no charge)

12. Textiles/Used Clothing (no charge – available 24/7)
Place in blue donation box at top of site by salt shed gate. Please bag any torn or damaged items separately. Items must be dry and must not be stained with hazardous materials.

13. Universal Waste Recycling (no charge) – see attendant.
Rechareable batteries, button and lithium batteries, fluorescent and compact lights (spirals), mercury-containing devices: thermometers, thermostats and ballast containing PCBs are recycled through an HRMC program. Please bag each rechargeable battery in its own zip lock bag. Sandwich button batteries between two pieces of clear packing tape. Hand to attendant.
Alkaline, carbon zinc and zinc chloride batteries (all sizes) can go in the bagged trash.

Worthington has a mandatory recycling bylaw and a Town departments Recycled Product Purchasing Policy. The Selectboard has also adopted a 50% Recycling Goal. Thank you for recycling!