Driveway Permit Application

According to page 5, Section V of the General By-Laws for the Town of Worthington, driveways must be set back no less than 20 feet from side boundary lines.

Completed application will include:
Attached diagram with dimensions
Assessors’ map number and lot number
Signature of Tax Collector
Signature of Highway Superintendent
Schedule appearance with Selectboard ñ allow enough time for the Board to notify abutters (within 35 feet of proposed driveway).

Call (413 238-5577 x100) or email (email link – Assistant to the Selectboard with request for meeting date.


Permit Required
No owner or occupant of land abutting a town way of Worthington or any public way which, by statute, said Town is obligated to repair and maintain, shall construct any private road or driveway thereon so as to extend into such public way without first having obtained a written permit therefor from the Board of Selectmen and approved by the Highway Superintendent. The Board of Selectmen will notify any abutter within 35 feet of a proposed driveway prior to issuance of a driveway permit. Driveways shall be set back from the side boundary line by no less than 20 feet. In cases of hardship due to geography or drainage situations, people shall apply to the Board of Selectmen for special permission. The Board of Selectmen shall issue the permit within forty (40) days or shall render a decision in writing specifying the reasons for denial and shall base that decision upon considerations of public safety. If no action is taken by the Board of Selectmen, the permit shall be deemed granted. Said construction shall conform in all respects to standards set by the Board of Selectmen and shall be performed within one year of the date of issuance of the permit. A permit may be renewed by the Board of Selectmen for one year upon written request by the applicant.

Violations, Fines
Whoever, by himself being owner or occupant, or by his agents or servants, violates this
regulation, shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $300.00 per day and be liable in tort to the Town of Worthington for all damages caused thereby, and for the cost and expense of removing any obstructing material and restoring the public way to its former condition.