CommissionersCemeteryTerm ExpirationPhone
Pat KennedyCenter Cemetary2026238-5560
Cindy ManleyCommision2025238-5594
Mary OrisichHistorical Cemeteries2028238-0486
Diane MeehanRingville Cemetery2024238-0001
Will BrownNorth Cemetery2025238-5911

Commission Meeting Minutes:
October 1, 2019

All checks should be made payable to the Town of Worthington.  

A deed to the plot is issued by the Town Clerk at the request of cemetery commission.   No Plot can be sold back to the Town.
A Plot may be sold by its owner to another individual privately. A copy of a notarized agreement of transfer of the plot must be given to the Town Clerk.

All plots are 10’x.S’x6′(10’x5’x4′ green burial) and cost $700.00(all burials).
** All plots will be sold consecutively in cemeteries. Green burials will be buried consecutively due to the nature of burial.

Rules for Green Burials:

  • Open to anyone—not just town residents
  • Available in any cemetery where plots are available (North and
    Ringville) and in any plot that has been purchased but not used
  • Burial will be in whatever shroud or biodegradable container the
    family chooses
  • The burial will be at a depth of four feet
  • A permanent flat marker of at least one foot by one foot centered
    and at the head of the burial is required

Grave opening/closing: $900.00(for casket or green burials)

Commissioners will arrange for opening/closing of graves.  

Cremation opening/closing: $200.00( owner may dig holes for cremations and forgo the costs. The owner must contact commissioner of that cemetery to let them know (the hole must be deep enough to have the top of the container 18″ below the surface of the ground and 2′ away from the headstone)

One plot can only accommodate one casket.
One plot can hold maximum 6 cremations.  

The Official Disposition, Removal or Transportation Burial Permit must be given to the cemetery commissioner at the time of burial along with payment for the burial.  

Markers and stones are purchased, installed and maintained by the plot owner. Markers are required for all burials. Also an additional flat stone marker for cremations to mark where buried in plot.  

No trees, bushes or shrubs may be planted.  

Annual and perennial plants may be planted by owner and must be maintained by owner. All plant containers MUST be removed from cemetery by the First of November every year.  

Town provides grass mowing at no additional charge to the owner.  

Town provides one American flag per veteran once a year.  

Veterans are eligible for burial assistance and should check with their veteran’s agent for details.