1. Valuation of Project: All proposed projects will be assigned a value based on the following:

*Dwelling Units (new construction and Additions)                                  $150. / sq.ft.

*Residential Garages, Accessory Buildings (inc. non-living spaces)           40. / sq.ft.

* Conversion of non-Residential space to Living Space                             120. / sq.ft.  

*Agricultural Barns                                                                                              30. / sq.ft.     

*Pre-engineered Metal / Wood Buildings                                                       50. / sq.ft.

* Commercial & Industrial (new construction & additions)                        75. / sq.ft.   

In cases where square footage is not relevant, Fee will be based on sound estimate of cost 

as determined by the Building Commissioner.    

2. Fees:

Upon determination of project cost, fees shall be assessed at a rate of $7.00 per $1,000. Of value. 

There shall be a minimal fee in all cases of $50. Except as noted below: 

3. Other Fees:

*Siding, Roofing/Reroofing, Insulation/Weatherization, Replacement &Structural Windows  

                                                                                                           $7. Per $1,000. of project cost / $50.Min.

*Tents, Temporary Structures                                                    $50.

*Pool, Hot tub                                                                           $40. above ground / $100. in ground

*Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, Change of Use              50.

*Foundation Only (for residential & Commercial)                     50.

*Signs                                                                                                 40.

*Demolition                                                                                      40.

*Stop Work Order (posted/lifted)                                                 50.

*Re-Inspection fee                                                                            30.

*Replacement of Permit Card or Other Certificate                     20.

*Inspections requested (not related to issuance of Permit)      30.

*Fire/National Disaster Repairs                                                       40.

*Solid Fuel Stoves (wood, pellet, coal, etc.)                                  40.

Fees will be doubled when construction is started prior to Issuance of Permit