2023 Selectboard Campaign Statements

There are 3 Candidates for a seat on the Selectboard this year.

  • Edward (Ned) Ferguson, 199 Huntington Rd
  • Ron Sampson, 141 West St
  • Stephen Smith, 1956 Huntington Rd (Incumbant)

Below are their Campaign Statements:

Hi, my name is Edward Ferguson, though most people in town know me as Ned.  I have lived in Worthington since 2016.  I am a native of Western Massachusetts having been born and raised in Holyoke.  Prior to moving to Worthington, I was in Washington, DC where I worked for both the government and private sector as an energy and environment attorney.  

One of my first jobs in Washington was working as an aide for U.S. Rep. Silvio Conte, who represented Western Massachusetts for 33 years.  Like Mr. Conte I am a political moderate. I love our town — it is a wonderful community of friends and neighbors. I also love our town’s past and am not afraid of its future. With responsible stewardship we can guide our town successfully through the years ahead. I hope to have the opportunity to serve and help be part of that stewardship. While I am thankful for the current Board’s service to our town, I also believe it is healthy for our community to have fresh voices and perspectives on the Select Board. 

I believe one of the most important responsibilities as a member of the Select Board is to vigorously support our local businesses.  It is difficult to run a successful business in the Hilltowns and we in Worthington are blessed to have several.  I plan to be an advocate for all of our local business be they sugar houses, inns, stores, golf courses, bars and restaurants, jewelers & potters, farms, or veterinary care.  I also believe it is important to make sure our town government is responsive to the needs of our citizens — no-one should have to needlessly wait for a town official to return a phone call or for that matter to review/approve a project. 

I also believe the role of our Select board is to do everything within the law to help our residents fulfill their vision for their lives and property.  Simply put, the Select Board should be setting policy, not necessarily enforcing it.  As such, I pledge to take every opportunity to see how we can enhance the lives of our citizens.  

Since 2016 I have seen my property taxes rise by over 65%, like you I would like to know what the heck we are spending this money on. It seems to me there are areas we can and should economize on and as a member of the Select Board I will do so. I am also worried that our fire department is having trouble recruiting new volunteers.  I view our fire department as a vital resource for our town and believe we must do all we can to see that it is properly staffed.  

I appreciate having the opportunity to provide a statement of my views.  If they sound reasonable to you, then I would appreciate your vote and the opportunity to serve this wonderful community.  
Thank you.  

My name is Ron Sampson, and I am running for Worthington Selectboard.  I am a life-long resident of Worthington, born and raised here.  I attended the Russell H. Conwell School. My wife of 41 years, Robin and I bought my parent’s home where we raised our two children, who both still live in town with their families.  I am a member of the Worthington Congregational Church. I also served in the Air National Guard. I have a small family-run logging business and farm.

I believe family is very important. Our two kids did attend and my seven grandchildren now attend the local Worthington school. I believe reading, writing, and arithmetic should be the main focus of our children’s education. I am a fiscal conservative, but understand it takes money to run the town effectively. I hope to help make the town a place where my grandchildren can afford to live. I am concerned about over regulation and over taxation and will bring those concerns with me into office.

I would appreciate your vote this May.

Ron Sampson

Steve Smith

Dear Worthington residents:

  It has been a privilege to have served as a member of the Worthington Selectboard for the past six years. With your support, I would like the opportunity to serve for another term.

   Working with my colleagues on the Selectboard and other town officials, I have strived to help identify and meet the needs and wishes of town residents. In doing this, I have been mindful throughout of the importance of the democratic process that our town meetings have epitomized. Perhaps the best example of this was presenting the voters with three options for establishing a town-wide broadband network. Comcast was not the first choice of many, including myself; however, it was the will of the majority and we now are able enjoy the many benefits of town-wide, high-speed internet access.  

   During my current term, I have served as liaison to our Highway Department, as Selectboard representative, to the Senior Center Study Committee funded by a grant from the Hilltown CDC, and as project coordinator for the Conwell School re-siding project that was undertaken last Summer.  If re-elected, I intend to continue working on what will hopefully become new Senior and Community Center building project, largely funded by federal and state grants. Currently, over forty percent of our residents are over 60 and their needs need to be better addressed. I am also concerned with how to assist our Health Center in their effort to address chronic staffing issues that were exacerbated by Covid. I further want to continue working with my colleagues to improve our public safety services: fire, ambulance, and police.

   Finally, I am very aware of the need to strike a balance between public services and the cost to taxpayers. Both the selectboard and the finance committee have worked hard to maintain this balance. Ultimately, it is our job to recommend and for you to decide. So please take the time on Saturday, May 6th to attend Town Meeting and to vote in our election. I welcome the chance to further serve the town I moved to over thirty years ago, but that is your decision, not mine.

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