Board of Assessors Preliminary Revaluations

Public Discolosure

The Town of Worthington, through its’ Board of Assessors, is completing its Fiscal Year 2023 revaluation, pursuant to Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 40, section 56, to reflect full and fair cash value. These values have been reviewed and have received Preliminary Certification from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue/Division of Local Services. The values reflect an estimated market value of properties as of January 1, 2022 and are based on sales between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2022.

A listing of all properties with the new values is available for public inspection in the Town Hall during Public Disclosure which will run from Friday, November 18th thru Friday, November 25th. Town Hall hours are 10:00 AM – 2 PM. [Closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving.] Revisions to any parcel data may be made during the public disclosure period. After that time, values will be set and submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue/Division of Local Services for final certification.

The assessors will be available at Town Hall during the Public Disclosure period.

FridayNovermber 1810 am to 12 pm
MondayNovermber 2112 pm to 2pm
TuesdayNovermber 226 pm to 8 pm
WednesdayNoverm ber 236 pm to 8 pm
FridayNovember 2510 am to 12 pm

You may also view the new values on the Street Listing below. If you wish to make inquiries regarding your new assessment, please contact the assessors’ office at (413)238-5577 X104 or email

To Download a Copy of the Street Listing Click Here.


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