Packard Park Beautification

Many of you have probably noticed the changes in the little park in the center of town across from the Post Office. Thanks to funding from Within Worthington Group, administered by Jaime Ricci, many improvements have been made. The Parks and Recreation Committee ordered and installed a new picnic table and a lovely bench. Maureen Kaminsky donated several Hostas that were planted by Marian Welch. Debbi and Jay Dreschnack selected a large colorful assortment of annual and perennial flowers which they planted with the assistance and guidance of Garden Club members Karen Barshefsky and Eileen Daneri. Jay waters the new flowers every day, and Kate Ewald and Evan Johnson have put down mulch to keep the soil moist.

We are all pleased to see folks sitting at the new picnic table in the park, resting and enjoying their lunch in the shade. Cyclists frequent the bench and use the newly restored water fountain. So if you haven’t yet visited the newly beautified Packard Park, please stop by and take time to relax and smell the roses!

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