Founders Day 2022

Greetings from the Worthington Historical Society,

On Friday, July 1, after a three-year break, the Founders’ Day celebration is back! And for the first time, the annual event will take place on the Worthington Historical Society lawn at the Corners. Come reconnect with townfolk while enjoying jazz from the Aedan Madden quartet, a potluck dinner under the tent, beers from Sena Farm Brewery, and inside the WHS building, a new exhibit by Diane Brenner about Worthington in the 1790s!

The exhibit’s centerpiece will be our latest acquisition, a 1794 day book from a Worthington general store. We’ve restored the day book at significant expense, and it will be accessible to everyone for inspection with archival gloves. See below for a glimpse.

Jazz, beer, and the exhibit are on tap starting at 5:30, and the potluck dinner is served at 6:30. Bring any dish you like. The Worthington Historical Society is at 6 Williamsburg Road, right by the roundabout, the post office, and the Corners Grocery. Parking on the WHS lawn is limited to cars with disability plates and placards. Additional parking will be available at the library and nearby properties. The raindate is Sunday, July 3 at the same time.

We are also looking for volunteers for the following:

  • Moving Crew (4-5 people) preferably people who have trucks to move tables and chairs from the Town Hall to the Historical Society (friday 7/1 around noon, and the next day to bring things back)
  • Parking Crew (4-5 people) this sounds like the least exciting job but I assure you it will be easy and pleasant! Parking will be behind the Corner Store, at the Library and in the field across from Four Corner Farm. (5:15pm)
  • Sign Makers People love signs, especially fun and colorful signs! We are still supply the materials, just need the artists.
  • Table Setters (4-5 people) to help set table cloths, dishes, etc.
  • Breakdown Crew (the more the merrier) This will just involve pulling rubbish, recycling, and compost bins at the end of the evening, and breaking down tables and chairs the next day.
  • Also we are in need of trash/recycling bins, if you have an extra please bring it or drop it off at the Historical Society the day before. More things that would be helpful is outside string lights, and possibly power strips.

If you’re intested in volunteering, please contact Jared Sena at

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