Fire Department Update 4/24/2022

Calls This previous Week:

4/13 – 9:42 AM- Medical AND 9:45 PM- Both No FD First responders available – hilltown ambulance transport
4/16- 10:00 AM- Medical – 1 EMT 1 First Responder Available- Highland Ambulance transport

4/21- 7:19AM – Medical – No FD responders Available – Highland Ambulance transport

4/22 – 4:15 PM – Medical – No FD responders available – hilltown ambulance transport

Greetings Town of Worthington!

We have been asked to do weekly/bi weekly updates about the fire department for you all – and were happy to do that! Currently, we have 8 cleared first responders/Fire fighters, and 1 being a licensed EMT.

Kyle Challet – Acting Chief            Rich Granger – Assistant Chief

Captains- Mike Dondiego & Kevin Porter EMS Captain- Mindee Hodgkins Lieutenant – Vinny Dondiego Fire Fighters- Rheal Labrie, Anthony Dondiego

Public Service Detail Fire Fighters: Paul Sena & Mike Squadrielle

This is Critical staffing, and we are always looking for more volunteers! No experience is necessary, and you will be sent to a Basic 6 class, to learn the basics of fire fighting, a First responder and CPR class as well as in house trainings. Anyone 15 years old or older is welcome; we have meetings the 2nd Monday of every month and trainings the 4th Monday of every month – starting at 7PM. Anyone who is interested in just seeing what we do, or any questions is welcome to come by.

Unfortunately We have had this little amount of people for the last couple years. As many other departments have this issue, one of our thoughts is to hire one full time EMT/Fire Chief for the upcoming fiscal year. It would be extremely helpful for the department to have this full time person, to fulfill the Chief paperwork and duties, and to respond to your emergencies as an EMT, when the minutes count- until the transporting ambulance arrives. This is to ensure the town is covered and held to our commitment to keeping the town safe, and to respond as best as we can to you when you need us most.

We are asking for your support to approve this position to not only have someone in town, to be able to get all the duties done, inspections and respond when your emergency arrives, but it is also a great opportunity to have someone who will be certified to do a lot of community classes, such as bystander CPR, and other classes you request! We are also hoping to be able to meet with all of you to get basic information in a central place with your medical history, any medications you take, and general information so if the fire department shows up we have all the information ready for us and the transporting

ambulance. This will help us greatly in “pre-planning” for any emergency that may occur.

We will be updating you more on this information for Town meeting – but please understand this would be such a huge benefit to the Department and the Town! ●

More will be available on the next update, next week. We hope to see you at a meeting or training soon!

Worthington Fire Department

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