Covid Update 12/8/2021


December 8, 2021

During the past two weeks, there have been four new COVID-19 cases
reported in Worthington, all in previously vaccinated people. A fifth
case, reported earlier, continues in quarantine. Two individuals have
reported serious symptoms, but no one has been hospitalized. The levels
of new infections in Massachusetts and the surrounding New England
states continue to rise.

This is a very uncertain period. The Omicron variant adds a new unknown
to the potential risk of infection. Additionally, the wide availability
of home tests has complicated our understanding of the actual level of
COVID in Worthington. More and more people are using these home tests
if they are concerned about possible exposure or symptoms, but unless
the tests have been done as part of the Conwell testing program, there
has been no formal reporting of results. Positives should be reported to
the BOH and followed up by a lab-analyzed PCR test. A negative test, on
the other hand, might provide false comfort, especially if it was not done at
the right time (at least five days following exposure) or in the right
way (the test instructions must be followed carefully).

Given the likelihood of greater travel and indoor activities during the
coming holidays, the Worthington BOH continues urging taking common sense precautions.
Please get vaccinated or get a booster if you were last vaccinated six
months ago (or three months, if you received the J& J vaccine). Please continue
to wear masks and distance in indoor locations or when with crowds

Given the uncertainty and the occurrence of cases locally, the Town Hall
will continue to remain closed to public events (other than the two
exercise classes that have been ongoing for several months and are open
only to fully vaccinated individuals).

Please contact the BOH (414-238-5577×106) if you are having trouble
scheduling a vaccination or a booster.

Worthington Board of Health

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