Old North Road Construction & Starkweather Update

Work on Olld North Road is, not surprisingly, causing a lot of disruption and we’ve had a number of inquiries and complaints about the dust.

Here’s the timeline from DOT on the project:

  • Week of 6/14: Reclaiming (grinding the road 12” deep)
  • Week of 6/21: Grading
  • Week of 6/28: Asphalt injection (inject asphalt into the top 4” of the road surface)
  • Week of 7/12: Paving

  • The reclaiming the week of the 14th should help with dust because it will mix crushed up blacktop with the gravel. 
  • The asphalt injection the week of the 28th will greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the dust.  
  • Reclaiming was scheduled to begin Monday 6/7/2021, but the subcontractor had to delay a week due to the previous weekend’s rain.  This pushed everything back a week.
  • The contractor will water down the road at least twice a day during the week in the meantime.

We will also be reducing the speed on that section of Old North Road to 20 MPH and beefing up enforcement to the extent possible.

And the Good News:

Starkweather Road is now open. There’s still some work to do, but the road is open to traffic!

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