R. H. Conwell Communty News 5/14/2021

Dear Community, 

The end of the year always feels like it goes by quickly, and this week was a particularly busy week here at R.H. Conwell!  In addition to all the end of the year learning activities, the 3/4 class took the ELA MCAS test on Thursday.  This was the first year both the third and fourth graders had ever taken the MCAS test and all the students did a great job taking the test!  

During last evening’s school committee meeting, the committee voted unanimously to amend our current mask break policy.   Please follow the link for the current policy guidelines.  The amendment to our current mask policy will go into effect on Monday, May 17, 2021.  Mask Break Policy Amendment – Notice to Community


  • Students in grade 6 will take the ELA MCAS on Tuesday, May 18th.  
    • Make-ups for students who missed the first day of testing will also happen on this day.
  • Students in grade 3-6 will take the Math MCAS on Thursday, May 20th.  
  • Students in grade 5 will take the Science MCAS on Thursday, May 27th.

Weapons:  During play we have seen an increase with students turning objects into guns and pointing them towards teachers.  I ask for your support by talking to your child about engaging in behavior that is contrary to the mission and values of the school. Please refer to our school handbook pages 16 and 17 to read about the school expectations regarding weapons.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Prof. Development:  May 28, 2021 – noon dismissal

Last day of school:  June 16, 2021 – noon dismissal

Message from Hilltown Family Center:  Check out these fun literacy building ideas and register for our next workshop on social and emotional skills.  Register Today!


SEL skills are a huge part of school and life success! So, join us on May 25th for a special Ready4K Family Fun Hour: Feelings & Friends. We’ll find new ways to manage BIG feelings, add skills to our social and communication toolkits, and explore how to build positive relationships with ourselves and others. As always, there will be new songs, games, and activities for the whole family. This month we’ll also be joined by early childhood mental health expert Tamar Izcovich, LCSW for the ask-me-anything session at the end of the workshop. So, bring those tough parenting questions. The experts will be ready to help. 

A Weekly Covid Update from the Nurse’s Office (5/14/2021)

Number of positive cases within the school community: 0
Overall health of the school community: HEALTHY
We are continuing to have great success with our health and safety protocols within our school community, and we continue to thank you all for your support in keeping our students safe and in person learning.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Worthington School District
147 Huntington Road
Worthington, MA 01098

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