R. H. Conwell Community News 5/21/2021

Dear Community,

The weather has been warm and sunny this week! We are so glad it finally feels like spring and the children have been able to shed their jackets! Please read below for some school updates.

Garden: A huge thanks to the Salvini, Tompkins and Ricci family for helping to create new garden beds for the school garden! After school hours, we invite you to take a walk down to the garden and check out the chickens!

MCAS: Students finished the ELA and Math MCAS test. Given the unusual year, things went fairly smoothly. A big thanks to Mr. K who supported the remote families in accessing the MCAS test while learning at home!

  • Students in grade 5 will take the Science MCAS on Thursday, May 27.

Mask Policy: May 19 – Notification to Families

Lockdown Drill: During a recent School Committee meeting a parent asked about our lockdown policy for when students are outside in the tents. Our faculty practice these procedures and talked to their classes about our safety plans. Before teaching and learning began this year in the tents, Trooper CarMichael met with the teachers in order to talk about safety protocols for being outside in the tents.

Updates from the Nurse’s Office: We are utilizing the outdoor classrooms throughout the school days for the remainder of the school year. Student’s are spending a lot of time in the heat and the sun. We are offering a friendly reminder to please ensure you are sending your child(ren) with a reusable water bottle to fill throughout the day to remain hydrated. As a reminder, our water fountains are not available for use under Covid guidelines, but we do have a water bottle filling station available for use. Please also ensure that your child(ren) applies sunscreen and bug spray before coming to school, in moderation. While we are urging you to ensure your child is protected from the sun and insects while at school, please apply these things in moderation as we do have some students/staff that have sensory disorders and chemical sensitivities. To help keep everyone safe, we are asking that your child(ren) do not have an overabundance of chemicals on them while at school, and only apply as directed per the label instructions. If you would like your child to reapply sunscreen while at school, please make sure to return the sunscreen permission form that was sent home in early April. If you need a new copy, please let myself or the classroom teacher know.

Our updated mask policy came into effect today. The students were very happy to see some resemblance of normalcy returning to our school after a very long year. Students will continue to be reminded that this change in policy is not mandatory, and distancing and respect amongst peers who choose not to remove their masks will be enforced. If you have not already had the discussion amongst your household about your comfort level with your child(ren) removing masks, please do so. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out!

Diane Brenner from the Worthington Board of Health shared that the Hilltown Health Center is offering free COVID vaccines! Please call 413-667-3009, ext. 261.

Prof. Development: May 28, 2021 – noon dismissal

Last day of school: June 16, 2021 – noon dismissal

A Weekly Covid Update from the Nurse’s Office (5/21/2021)

Number of positive cases within the school community: 0 Overall health of the school community: HEALTHY

We are continuing to have great success with our health and safety protocols within our school community, and we continue to thank you all for your support in keeping our students safe and in person learning.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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