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Last March with the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Select Board felt it necessary to shut down the collection of returnable bottles and cans at the Transfer Station for safety reasons.

Previous to that, we have had local non-profit groups maintain the returnable operation and keep the proceeds for their benefit.  Most recently that’s been the flag fund group, and proceeds helped pay for the flags that decorate the main streets in town, but they are not able to restart.  We’ve also had other groups, like scouts, 4-H clubs, etc., take it on, but typically their enthusiasm for the project tapers off, leading to overflowing containers and the search for new volunteers.

Increasingly we are seeing these returnable items in our glass, cans and plastic recycling dumpster, something that Massachusetts regulators discourage and which actually costs the town money to recycle.  The Selectboard has decided to seek a reliable individual or small business to take on this work as follows:

  • Using the town-furnished shed and storage containers also furnished by the town, remove the returnables on a weekly or other regular basis so that the shed is neatly maintained and containers are not routinely overfilled during open hours at the Transfer Station;
  • Be responsible for sorting, bagging, storing, and transporting returnables to a redemption center;
  • Retain all redemption monies as the sole payment for reliably performing the above services which are to be undertaken as an independent contractor.
  • Both the contractor and the Town will have the right to terminate this agreement, effective no less than thirty (30) days from tender of written notice to the other.

Anyone interested should send a letter or email to Peggy O’Neal, Executive Assistant to the Selectboard, at:

  • Worthington Town Hall, P.O. Box 213, Worthington, MA 01098
  • via email to
  • Or leave in the dropbox outside the Town Hall door

Be sure to reply by Tuesday, January 5, 2021, and include your contact information.

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