Comcast Update

Comcast recently sent out postcards to most people in town. Copies of each of them are below. The difference between the 2 is that one refers to property that requires additional construction to receive services, which would apply if you have a long driveway, buried utility lines or other unusual situation that would require additional work for your installation.

Both cards have the same contact info:
Call: 1-800-581-5149

If you are interested in receiving service from Comcast I urge you to contact them. They have a small group of sales people who will respond, pretty quickly. They won’t be able to give you dates or even firm pricing yet, but you can get the ball rolling.

Comcast’s contractors have been working in town for the last month or so and they continue to say they expect to have the network done and residences wired by the end of the year.


Click to download a copy.


Click to download a copy

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