Goodbye, Stop Lights!

The Stop Lights in the middle of town at the intersection of Routes 112 & 143 will be removed in the next few days and a 4-way Stop will be implemented on Friday. Electronic warning signs will be up at the Highway Department and near the Worthington Inn approaches to the intersection.

Reclamation work will begin on Williamsburg road next week from the Chesterfield line through the intersection and future roundabout in the center of town. That will mean that the road will essentially be a gravel road for a couple of weeks. The first layer of pavement should be down by the middle of August.

Following that in August they will work on the road from the center of town to Cold Street. The road will need to be milled down and then reclaimed due to the thickness of the pavement that’s currently there. We’ll update you on that phase when they begin work.

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