Internet Update

I’m happy to report that as promised a new WiFi Hotspot has been installed at the R.H. Conwell School and it is operating at a significantly higher speed than was previously available.

The Hotspot can easily be used from the parking lot and the tables outside the front of the school. There are two pubic networks named Worthington Open Wifi & Worthington Open Wifi_5g. The only difference is that the 5g network allows for a faster connection, but the other one carries further. So if you have trouble connecting to one, try the other.

The Baker-Polito Administration is providing this expanded access to high-speed internet for unserved cities and towns throughout Massachusetts that do not yet have a completed last-mile broadband network. The state is of course asking Citizens who use these hotspots to continue to follow social distancing protocols, particularly if you are using the tables outside in front of the building.

I also have updated information from the company putting up the cell tower on Old North Road. They now tell me that they expect to have it operational in August, not October as I previously announced in a Comcast update on April 27, 2020.

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