Don’t Forget Your Regular Medical Care

Fears about going to a hospital or doctor’s office for non-COVID-related symptoms have led many people to delay seeking needed medical attention. When people finally do seek care, they are often sicker; perhaps facing an emergency, life-threatening situation.

Please know that because of heightened infection control practices, health care is safe and available, and medical offices and emergency rooms are ready to keep you healthy. Concerns about going to an office or hospital should not keep you from seeking help, and most care can be provided through phone or video visits with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or specialist.  Don’t wait to call and ask for help.

If you have non-COVID-related symptoms or an underlying condition that you are worried about, CALL YOUR PCP or specialty provider. 

If you are experiencing a significant non-COVID related event such as a heart attack, stroke, respiratory distress or severe pain,  CALL 9-1-1.

Thank you.
The Worthington Board of Health

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  1. Sara. Upton says:

    Hi, Charley,
    Aren’t we supposed to be tested (phase one) before opening our business?
    I understand that some members of BOH don’t believe the 0 score for Worthington from A little curious and a lot concerned.

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