Earl and Lee Tonet Scholarship

Lee Tonet of Florence and the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts are happy to announce the annual availability of the Earl and Lee Tonet Scholarship, a scholarship to benefit graduates of the Hampshire Regional High School.  Recipients will be full time college students at any level and residents of the Hill-towns of Chesterfield, Goshen, Westhampton, Williamsburg, and Worthington.  These villages were original “feeders” to the former Williamsburg High School where Mr. Tonet began his long teaching/coaching career and Mrs. Tonet was a 1956 graduate prior to becoming a registered nurse.

Information regarding application for these scholarship funds can be found at the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts website http://communityfoundation.org/scholarships/apply/. The application is generic for all Community Foundation Scholarships and Loans. Applications will be matched to all applicable scholarships. The scholarship funds became available for consideration, awarding and distribution in the 2018 season and applications are accepted from January through March 31, annually.  

The intent of endowing this scholarship is to financially aid and encourage students to continue their post-secondary education to a successful completion and award of the undergraduate degree.  Earl and Lee Tonet long subscribed to “Do the common things, uncommonly well” with genuine effort, commitment and a sense of humor. 

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