New Cell Tower

We’ve had several inquiries regarding the new cell tower going in on Old North Road. As you may have noticed the mono-pole itself has been up for a month or 2, but the actual cell transmission antennas have not yet been installed.

Cell Tower foundation installation off Old North Road, Worthington MA

We have spoken with the construction company and they expect to resume work in late March when the site becomes more accessible. Electricity and the fiber connections have been run to the site. A small building still needs to be constructed and they won’t be able to put in a foundation for that until the ground thaws.

That’s as much as we know at the moment.

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  1. Thanks for the cell tower update. Can you tell us who owns it? AT&T, Verizon etc.

    1. The tower is owned by Centerline Communications. AT&T is the only company that we’re aware of that is planning to locate on the tower at this time.

  2. As of 25 Nov 2020, the new cellular tower does not provide cellular telephone service to West Worthington. Useless technology. Nothing worse. Tear it down.

    1. Works for me??????

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