Don’t Poop on My Lawn!

Picture this:  It’s a beautiful early spring day, the snow has largely melted and the pre-school students at R.H. Conwell gleefully emerge into the sunshine to run, play, and enjoy themselves on the school grounds.  As recess concludes and the students begin to re-enter the school, a not unfamiliar odor is in the air.  It’s DOG POOP!  Everybody stop and check your shoes!  You get the picture, and it’s not a pretty one.

So we come to you, dear citizens of Worthington, to remind you of the General By-Laws of the Town of Worthington which state: 

1. No person shall allow a dog of which he is owner or keeper:
a) To go beyond the confines of his property unless the dog is held firmly on a leash or is under the control of its owner, keeper or his agent. 

The grounds of the school are, of course, public property and are owned by and open to the residents of Worthington and you are welcome there.  But it’s not a Dog Park! Please, do not allow your dog to run loose and, most importantly, do the polite thing and pick up after your dog if you are on public property.  Or on your neighbors’ property, for that matter.

We are working on signage for the school to remind us all of these basic rules of doggy owner politeness.  In the meantime, we hope you’ll respect the rights of the students, parents and teachers of R.H. Conwell to run and play, poop-free.

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