Website Redesign

Welcome to the newly redesigned Town of Worthington web site!  All the information you found on the old site should still be here.  We’ve simply updated the layout and added a few new features.  The web site is very much a work in progress and we welcome your comments, criticisms, suggestions and questions.  You’ll see places for you to make a comment if you’d like and please also feel free to email Charley Rose, Selectboard Chair, at

We’d like to thank the students at Our Lady of the Elms College and their Professor, Goose Berkowitz-Gosselin for all their hard work.  The design work was all done at no cost as a class project.

The really good news is that this change while not only bringing our web site up to date, is also expected to save the town quite a bit of expense.  We hope you like the changes and welcome your comments.

Charley Rose

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  1. Steve Smith says:

    Are you going to include a town email access link?

    1. Charley Rose says:

      Thanks. It’s been added.

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