Annual Town Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting will be held in a tent in the R. H. Conwell School
Parking Lot on Saturday, August 29, 2020 beginning at 9:30am

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COVID-19 Rules For August 29, 2020 Annual Town Meeting

In order to insure a Covid-19 safe environment that is in compliance with current state Covid-19 guidelines and to encourage maximum attendance at our upcoming town meeting, the Selectboard and Board of Health have approved the following rules for the conduct of the meeting:

Location and seating.

The meeting will be outdoors at the Conwell School parking lot under a large canopy tent. Chairs will be provided in singles and same household pairs, each spaced at least 6 ft. apart from all others.

Signing in and taking seats

Table[s] for signing in to the meeting and receiving voting cards will be located at the rear of the tent and social distancing is to be maintained while waiting to sign in. Attendees are strongly encouraged to arrive early to avoid unnecessary lines delaying the start of the meeting

Mask wearing

All attendees must wear masks covering the mouth and nose at all times while signing in and while under the tent, except while using a microphone to address the meeting. Attendees are encouraged to avoid using thin fabric bandanas and porous stretch fabric neck gaiters.

Meeting participation

Attendees who wish to be heard on a warrant item will be recognized by the Moderator while seated and will then walk to the microphone. A volunteer will sanitize the microphone between speakers.

Warrant simplification

In order to keep the meeting as brief as possible, the Moderator may order or suggest the combining of warrant articles for consideration and voting.


One or more town police officials will be present to ensure compliance with social distancing and mask requirements.


In the event that current Massachusetts guidelines for public meetings are altered prior to the Town Meeting, changes will be posted at Town Hall, the Post Office, and communicated through the town website and/or the town emergency phone/email notification system.


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