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  1. Mickey Lawrence says:

    Can we get an update – timeline- for Comcast?
    And any progress – updates- on cell tower on route 143?

    1. Hi Mickey,
      I wish I had more news for you but there’s really not much to report on either front. I’ve been in touch with Comcast and they are still waiting for respones from Verizon and Eversource to their pole applications. That was expected in May… I’m following up with the Massachusetts Broadband Institute for more information and will post news as soon as I have it.

      Regarding the cell tower. That’s entirely out of our hands and up to the applicants when they want to proceed. As you probably know they applied for permits once before and never acted on them. There permits they will need to apply for like building permits and road construction permits before they’ll be able to begin. So when they do that we’ll better know their timeline. They have not applied for any of those permits yet.

      Charley Rose
      Worthington Selectboard

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