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Remote Public access to this meeting shall be provided in the following manner:

Real-time public comment can be addressed to the Selectboard and Finance Committee utilizing the GoToMeeting virtual meeting software for remote participation. This application will allow attendees an opportunity for public comment. Attendees can use either phone or computer to participant in the meeting.

Phone: +1 (646) 749-3112 – Access Code: 233-643-381


6:30 PM         Pole Hearing to consider a petition to place and maintain one jointly owned pole:

  • Placement of jointly owned pole on the southeasterly side of Curtis Road at a point fifty-four feet southwesterly of the centerline of Scott Road, to provide mid-span support to existing pole line
  • Supporting Documents

6:45 PM         Superintendent Cork Nugent to recommend and discuss changes he would like to see for the roundabout

7:00 PM         Eileen Daneri and Marcia Estelle re: use of Town Hall

7:15 PM         Shelley Rice re: siting of the new COA electronic sign

7:30 PM         Building Commissioner re: Hilltown CDC renovation contractors

7:45 PM         Gabe and Jill Shippee re: request to purchase old Glidden property
Supporting Documents


                        Set Pole Hearing date for 36 jointly owned poles on Old North Road

Comcast update by Charley (including $79 installation fee)

Report by Amy on Planning Board Marijuana Public Hearing

Appointment of assistant secretary

Discussion about scheduling regular police and fire updates by chiefs


Starts On

November 10, 2020 - 6:30 pm

Ends On

9:00 pm

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Town Hall – Selectboard Office

160 Huntington Rd
United States
P: 4132385577

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